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Hard Limits

Rand Johnson ties submissives to his bed, but never his heart, and he intends to keep it that way.

Clair Montgomery needs a change in her life, a break from conforming to her parents’ dictates of image and respectability. So when her clean-cut, jerk of a soon-to-be ex-boyfriend tells her she’s boring and needs to try something new, she agrees. While at a seaside resort, she takes a snorkeling lesson from an exotically handsome instructor who offers to give her another new experience… two men at once. If she’s brave enough, he’ll introduce her to a world of dominant males and ménage sex.

Rand wants two things from this vacation—time to relax and a woman who will indulge his kink for ménage. When a drunk little trespasser stumbles onto his beachfront property asking about snorkeling classes and new experiences, Rand can’t resist giving her some lessons. Little does he know the lovely blonde will return the favor by teaching him a few things too—about love, life, and his own hard limits.