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Moon Blood 4

Moon Blood 4

Devastating Evil seeks to control Kane and his vampire progeny.

Two strangers upset the balance of life for Kane and his companion protector, Moon Blood. Both offer kindness, but the nature of one is a mystery. The other’s interest in Kane’s lover, Zandra, is met with vampire rage.

A series of endless attacks from the undead force Kane, Snow, Zandra and her ten, hybrid vampire Lycan brothers to go to battle once again. This time, a magical friend joins to help defend them with the stated purpose of protecting Moon.

Ultimately, the most devastating evil of all time seeks to control Kane and his vampire nation, while Moon Blood falls under the spell of a mysterious warrior wolf.

As Kane faces the loss of his own existence and all he holds dear, only a Biblical wager and Moon’s self-proclaimed protector may be all that stands to prevent total annihilation of the vampire race.