Contemporary Romance/ 15,790 words

An Evermore Novella (Book 2.5)

Izzy and Seb have proved they are stronger together.

Izzy even has the ring to prove it.

After the honeymoon is over, real-life ensues and the emotional drama of their affair is just a memory. Their dominant / submissive fairy tale relationship is tested by pressures of work, family, and each other’s expectations.

This Christmas we see that life can get in the way of even the happiest of couples.

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We make it unhindered to the stairs and up to our suite. Anticipation flares inside me and sends a bolt of lust through my veins. Seb opens our room and makes a purposeful show of slamming the door and locking it behind us.

“No interruptions. Just you and me.”

I stand frozen in place in the middle of the room waiting for Seb’s instruction. His gaze assesses every nuance of my body as I wait. The longer his eyes stay on me, the hotter I become. My lips part as my breathing falters.

“Stay where you are. Let me take my fill of you.” Seb prowls around me, keeping out of arm’s reach. I’ve learned to relax under his gaze and to have confidence that he enjoys looking at me. He’s certainly spent a long time staring at me over the last few months. Mostly when I’m naked or in varying states of undress.

“You’re exquisite. You’ve always been beautiful to me, but today you are radiant. I love seeing you happy. But I think I’ve seen enough of the dress, baby.” He steps closer to me, and it takes all of my willpower not to wrap my arms around him and pull his lips to mine. I know not to rush Seb and wait for his instruction. “Turn around and hold onto the corner post of our bed. Use it to support yourself.”

I grasp the post and continue to wait. I resist the urge to fidget. With this dress on, any movement is amplified. It doesn’t stop me from wanting to press my thighs together in an attempt to suppress the growing ache.

The deep pile carpet silences Seb’s movements, and with my back to him, I’m left to my imagination. My ears strain to hear movement, and I’m rewarded with a muted thud that I hope is his jacket.

“So perfect, waiting for my command.”

Feather light touches trace patterns up my side, avoiding the wide laced-up back of the dress. I slide my eyes closed and picture the flow of his touch. Curves and spirals dance through my mind. He’s tracing the patterns of embroidery and pearls sewn onto my dress.

His fingers grow bolder as I feel the gentle tug on the silk ribbons that hold my dress together. My grip on the post tightens as he loosens the ties, jolting my body with each pull.

“You’ve given me the greatest submission by agreeing to be my wife. But I want more,” he growls out the final words, turning them from romantic to sexy. “Spread your legs a bit wider.”

I step wider, careful not to get my heel stuck in the carpet and lean harder against the bed post.

Seb continues working me out of my dress. I feel some of the pressure release from around my chest, but I have a bonus for him tonight. His hands cage my ribs, and he slides the dress from my body revealing another layer of lace as he does. The gown pools at my feet, but he’ll be able to see the outfit I chose just for him.

“Jesus, woman. You’re killing me, and I’ve barely touched you.”

I smile, knowing what he’s looking at. A white lace panelled corset cinches my waist and supports my breasts. I’ve forgone knickers as I knew Seb would approve. The finest, sheer hold-ups cover my legs and lead down to my favourite heels, although they are hidden by my dress until I can move.

My breaths quicken with the expectation of his touch, and my pussy is aching for attention. Again I wait. I lock my arms and hold myself with the confidence that Seb has fostered within me. I open my eyes and move my hand so I can look at the rings on my finger. They twinkle in the soft light of the room.

“You look fucking delicious, Izzy, and I’m having a hard time being patient. I wanted tonight to be about us. No playing games, no rules. But I think we can get to that. Step out of your dress and let me see you properly.”

I stand up and step free of the dress and the bed. Seb is sitting in one of the armchairs, shirt sleeves exposing his forearms, top button undone, looking more handsome than ever. Now he really is mine.

“Come here. If I try and remove that corset, I’ll end up shredding it. You can do it for me.” He points to a spot in front of him. I walk to it and pull myself up, feeding off the knowledge that this man means the world to me.

It’s my turn to tease, and I delicately unhook the first of the many tiny eyelets strapping me in. One by one they free my breasts, and they spill from their confinement. I work lower and lower until I can toss the lace to the side.

I can finally take a deep breath, and I fill my lungs with much-needed oxygen.

“If I touch you, will you be wet for me?”

I smile, enjoying hearing the deep tones of Seb’s Dom voice.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Did I tell you not to wear knickers today?”

“No, Sir.”

“And you failed to mention that fact until now?”

“I thought it could be a nice surprise for you.” I try and keep some of the sass out of my voice and fail. I hear the clink of his belt and watch as he frees his cock from his trousers, stroking it from root to head.