—Let us help you find your wild side—

Welcome to Troll River Publications—a place where we believe in our authors and love our readers. Here are the two things we do:

  • We work with authors who need a helping hand in publishing their works.
  • We publish authors whose works we believe readers will love.

It’s a duo so let us explain what we do and why we do it. We let our writers focus on creating their finest works with 100 % dedication and commitment to their writing while we take care of the publishing process for them. This means allowing them both the time to write and the access to the publishing process so that they can get the book they want—not what a publisher or someone else wanted of them. That’s why we only publish authors we believe readers will love their works. 

At Troll River Publications, our mission is to be the loveliest publishing company for our authors. So we work with 100% dedication and commitment to produce what our authors want to present to their readers. 

Our company stems from an initiative of Stephanie McKibben, a passionate and dedicated writer. Independent authors often face many struggles in the effort to share their work and sometimes self-publication seems like the only viable option, if one truly wants to start something. Stephanie started out just like that, self-releasing her work and learning from her success stories, mistakes, ups and downs. One book led to another, and Troll River Publications turned into something more than Stephanie's imprint for her own work.

Today, we support writers and we produce literary works we believe in. We stand by our authors, their vision and their concepts, because we believe in free expression and in the appeal of an honest book. We know our readers do too!

For more information visit our FAQs page.