What is Troll River Publications?

Typically a small press would accept queries, choose between the best, and then present an offer thus starting the author’s illustrious career in writing. Authors find out how much support they’re given and how much control they have over the book after they sign on the dotted line.

Troll River Publications believes that a contract is only as good as the people who sign it. Which is why we don’t accept query letters. We have our own method of finding our authors and we’ve established a working relationship with them long before they sign a contract. They know us, and we know them.

Our authors will receive a marketing plan guiding them through their goals of writing and marketing support from Troll River. Because of this we choose our authors very carefully. Each and every single author receives—not a package—but a specific project guideline and a budget that will help them through the process of marketing with Troll River. In addition, we promote our authors and ourselves

Does this mean I won't have to market my book?


Times such as these require authors to be active with their readers and that means many marketing efforts much come from the author to be genuine.

We encourage authors to speak to their audience. But we also don't want you to try and build your platform alone.

Is Troll River Publications a vanity press?


Troll River does have their own opinions and if those opinions don’t coincide with the authors, we know well in advance because of our selection process. You can’t buy us—we’re not for sale. Which is why ALL our authors love us. We want them to be successful. Part of that path is guidance, support, listening and action. Troll River doesn’t push, convince or tell an author what to do. We have ethics. If you believe in the write, publish, repeat method of authorship, we believe in you. Even if you’re not an author we publish.  

However, everything we do is not hard, it’s just hard work. If you’re thinking of self-publishing DO IT! Our authors are hardworking people that want a partner to assist with the over-whelming responsibilities of authorship.

Ever heard an author say, I just want to write? Well, we help them do that. Not one of our authors worry if Troll River will take their next book. They know we will. Write. Publish. Repeat. That’s our motto.

Our authors are involved. They have readers because they have the time to concentrate on writing and their fans. Without readers, this wouldn’t be fun! And, Troll River Publications wouldn’t be around without partners as authors.

What if I decide I want to self-publish my next book?

We love indie authors! They are our inspiration. Troll River doesn’t pretend to know more about your audience than you. Troll River doesn’t appreciate experts who try to tell authors how their story should end, how the characters should develop or how their book cover should look. We support and work with our authors to build the best possible book we can.