Single Submissive: Day Two

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Her choice at the end will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Reviewed: March 6, 2017

 Format: Kindle Edition

"Single Submissive tells us Sophie’s story. She’s a shy submissive who just wants to find her Dom and settle down with him. Not just any Dom though. Oh no. Sophie, wardrobe and costume designer is set on finding the perfect Dom. One’s who’s not an actor. She knows actors, she works with them every day and their shallow ways as they pretend to play a part will only break her heart. She wants someone with a solid foundation, who knows who he is and isn’t obsessed with his own fame. Maybe the reality show is just the place to find that.

Jake and Dax are actors, friends of Armand the sexy Dom of Sophie’s best friend. He talks them into joining in the competition for a new Sub on the hot new reality show being produced. It will be great publicity for the upcoming move they’re starring in together and maybe one of them will be lucky enough to be chosen as the Single Submissive’s new Dom. They’re both down for the challenge, and the competitive nature between the two of them will just make it all the more interesting.

Single Submissive drew me in from the beginning. A reality show with the submissive choosing her Dom? I just had to see how this played out. And how did it you ask? Well you’ll have to read it for yourself but I’ll say it didn’t go the way I thought it might. From the hijinks each Dom uses to stand out from the crowd, to the sexy midnight rendezvous stolen when the producers aren’t looking every turn of the story had me smiling and rooting for a different Dom. Though I’ll admit that I favored the sexy actors Sophie was determined to ignore from the start."

—Ann Shannon