An Incident of Magic: Day Two

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Awesome addition to the series.

Reviewed: March 1, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

"Oh...My...Gosh. The plot has really thickened in this addition to the Everlight series. Yes, the basic story of this book is the relationship between Tony and Leo (Silk) but the on going plot dealing with the magical drugs and human trafficking across several realities is really engrossing. The characters are amazing and each has his/her place in the grand scheme. As with the first book in the series (An Evidence of Magic), this book read more of a crime drama with very little magic (except for Sable healing a certain accident prone detective repeatedly). A new reality is brought to our attention in this book and the authors did such a fantastic job building it that I was easy to envision. Yes, there is sexual tension between the main characters but little actual sex (easily skipped over if that is not your thing). The book does not end in a cliffhanger but the game is still afoot. I cannot wait for the next addition to the series to find out what happens next. Who's up for a game of chess?"