Reminiscent Hearts: Day Three

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"Lily Hill is a good girl, who is super sweet. Jake is that bad boy that never plays by the rules. They are best friends, but Lily is harboring a huge love for Jake, who won't touch it because he's sure he would ruin her. That's all I'm saying about the book, because this second chance love book is powerful, and so awesome, that I just want to tell all, so I'm barely exercising any control. Instead, you get my dramatic girly girl emotions, and believe you me, they are flying everywhere! One thing I loved about this story is that it followed Jake and Lily throughout their lives, past and present. Not only is it full of secret feelings, but the angst levels nearly brought me to my knees. Like I forgot I was just reading a story, as it felt like I was a secondary in their world. This what makes Rachel De Lune's writing style so brilliant, she transported me into the story from the beginning, and I was fully immersed to the very end. At that point, I was leaving it kicking and screaming. Not to mention, that I found my eyes leaking a time or two as well. Add in the frustration at Jake's questionable choices, you have a plethora of intense emotions. So do yourself a solid, and read this beautiful story of second chances, as I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

—Jennifer Pierson: The Power of Three Readerson February 28, 2017