Single Submissive: Day Three

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Can this be real?

Reviewed:March 1, 2017

*voluntarily and honestly reviewed the ARC I received from Troll River Publications*

"I've never watched The Bachelor or any series similar on TV (unless you include Flavor Flave.... Jesus) but when I read the synopsis for this book, I had to try it. D/s bachelorette style? Of course it sounds interesting!

Just having the BDSM community integrated into one of society's major themed shows was exciting, and when Sophia decided to sign up for the show to find someone to be with, it did in fact soften my reservations about the show's idea itself. Like, I guess it is something to look forward to, seeing a bunch of good candidates and hoping for the right one to be in the group. I also enjoyed seeing her own reservations, though she was a bit too prejudice when it came to actors. It would've been nice to see her look at the others just as suspiciously, especially since some of them were just wrong for her lol but I'm the reader with advanced knowledge so I guess I'll have to settle for yelling at the book while I read!

This was too funny for words. Not so funny that it borderlined silly, but I seriously loved the banter between the Englishman and Aussie, and how they brought all of the things to the story: the hotness, the heartfelt moments, the emotional suspense, the comedic relief.... lol It was just a really entertaining book that left me fully satisfied with light-hearted feels. No crying on this end, but it was a great way to end things for sure. Definite recommend."

—Erani Kole