TRP RT 2017 Giveaway

I’m not like other publishers. Not small presses or even other micro publishers. Not hardly a big five either.

Yeah, you’re thinking, “Ego much, Stephanie?”

But I’m going to share a story through the eyes of a TRP author that will show who I really am.

Connor & Monica are the “C” and “M” in C.M.Moore. They are a husband/wife combo. He writes romance. She edits his stories. They are a great team and joined me, Kris Michaels and Elizabeth SaFleur to the 2017 Romance Times in Atlanta. We joined up every night, compared notes and had great fun!

I loved being with readers, shy as I am. If you were there you might have seen me at the Lady Smut event, watching which reader was the naughty and nice contestants. You might have seen me cower behind a pillar trying to listen to readers talking about Sylvia Day vs. Shayla Black. You might have even seen me rush down the halls with a donut box retrieving food for my authors (Thank you C.M.Moore for the donuts).

But the pinnacle and point of this story was Saturday when C.M.Moore (both Connor and Monica) were trying to find me before the book faire opened. They texted for my location. I told them…the book faire line.

What book faire line?

You know, the book faire line. (Where the hell else would I be?)

2017-05-09 18.19.27.jpg

If you didn’t get to go to RT 2017 in Atlanta, one of the biggest reader events of every year, then I’m bringing a piece of The Romance Times to you. All you have to do is enter in the rafflecopter. You’ll become a TRP VIR (Very Important Reader) and even if you don’t win, you’ll get a free ebook for download at the end of the contest. You also will be part of our alerts to new TRP releases and that’s a good thing! Our generous authors will often put their books on sale, have giveaways and sometimes you’ll get a chance for an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy). When these things happen, you’ll be notified.

Good luck, happy reading, and enjoy!

~ Stephy, Head Troll, Troll River Publications

2017-05-09 18.18.51.jpg

Well, they went to the ballroom, where all the authors were setting up, getting ready, and doing final preparations for readers to come in for the author meet & greet. They peeked over the threshold asking Where’s Stephanie? Everyone told them…if she’s a publisher and her authors are signing, she’s in the book faire with her authors.

Take in mind that my authors are awesome and had everything handled and refused my help even though I asked over and over. No, we don’t want you—go away you pesky publisher. Okay. *sniff* They’d been to signings before. They knew the drill. So, knowing they had a handle on it, I waited in line with the readers.

*Gasp* Yes. I was in line, like every other reader waiting for my turn at the book fair. Why you ask? Because that’s where I wanted to be. With you, dear reader.

The Moore’s found me sitting on the floor, nose in kindle app, reading a regency I’d gotten a download code for in line.

Maybe that makes me dumb, to both you and industry professionals, but it also shows that I love readers. I like to listen to you. Only readers are going to tell me what they like. I’m an author’s advocate but I also love fans. So thank you, dear reader. You are the reason I brought back 3 bags, a book tote, a t-shirt, signed print books, swag, my badge holder, pins, pens and more download codes to give you free, free and more free (or should I say freer?).