Sexcapades of the Desperate, the Naughty, and the Perverted


Sexcapades of the Desperate, the Naughty, and the Perverted


Dive into the collections of the Shorts-off Sexcapades!!

Stories 1 - 3 available in one a discount... taboos...exploring the darker side of love...

What you get...

˃˃˃ Lady Alene and the Widower (Shorts-off #1)

Lady Alene, a professional companion, comforts a disparaging widower who tries to conquer his sexual urges with someone who won't contend with his dead wife. Lucky for him, Lady Alene knows what a man needs and bares all for her client's recovery.

...How long is too long to put-off dealing with the pain of loss?...

˃˃˃ But For You, Yes (Shorts-off #2)

Aren't you curious?

Andre wants to tell his girlfriend how he REALLY likes it. After revealing his secret desire Melonie isn't so convinced she'd like sex that way. It takes all of Andre's control and finesse to convince Melonie butt-love can feel good~for both parties.

...Would you be willing to try something new or scary for love?...

Find out how Melonie deals with this very question in the second Shorts-off Sexcapades!!

˃˃˃ Cougar Bait in the Coffee Shop (Shorts-off #3)

Kalyan, nearly twenty years younger than his would-be lover, would do anything to become Satomi's cougar bait. Including but not limited to: meeting her on her own terms, dying his hair, aging his face with make-up and being the subject of a little PDA.

Satomi is actually resistant to the idea of dating a younger man, but Kalyan finds a unique way to get around her nervousness of their generation gap and proves that maturity isn't hindered by age.

Cougar Bait is in praise of older women and revolves around the social taboo of age difference.



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