Erotic Romance/5,000 Words

Shorts-off (Book 2)

Andre wants to tell his girlfriend how he REALLY likes it. But Melonie isn't so convinced she'd like sex that way in But For You, Yes.

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“Can I ask you a question?” I posed in the bed with my muscled arm flexed holding up my head. Thoughts swam around in my mind about how I should ask my girlfriend of six months my deal breaker question. 

She rolled over slowly, staring at me with that oh-so-familiar serious look. Melonie was the intuitive type. She always knew when I wasn’t joking and when my jokes had truth to them. It made her an invaluable companion, along with her olive skin, ebony hair, and eyes with the power of a black hole. That combination of hers never failed to get me to “rise” to any occasion she wanted. Plenty of those occasions were kinky enough to make me have hope that this relationship could go much further than ones in the past and fulfill my sexual perverseness.

“What do think about back-door love?” I thought I was being as suave as possible about the subject but wasn’t reassured by her giggles and shaking head. 

She climbed over me, pinned a kiss on my forehead and sauntered out of the bedroom. I lay there wondering what she had implied.

Damn woman, that wasn’t an answer. Again, her intuitive nature deflected my question. A metallic squeak followed by hissing water from the bathtub rang like a mating call. Excited that this may be a “yes” to my real question, I flung the covers over and strode to the shower. 

She was already in, bent over adjusting the temperature, when I pushed the curtain aside and hopped in behind her. That friendly pull from my groin started the blood flowing, and I stroked myself in anticipation. 

Melonie straightened and turned to face me, “No.”

Her tone of finality shocked me. She was always the one to coherece me into nerve-wracking situations when it came to hot monkey sex. And she was telling me “no” for the first time. I caressed her smooth arms, “No to shower sex, or no to the other question?”

“No to both if it includes fucking me up the ass.”

I pulled back at the strength of her conviction. She didn’t give me her usual “show” flaunting her curves and assets that made me jealous of soap. Instead she hastily dowsed herself and showered in the time it takes a typical man. I meandered in the tub watching her and rinsing myself when she left.