Contemporary Erotic Romance

Evermore (Book 5)


Love can be found in the strangest of places.

Natasha Devlin, the Mistress that rules the playrooms at Solace, and the men or women she dominates, doesn’t need love or relationships outside the walls of her fortress. She’d witnessed her fellow Doms fall in love. That wasn’t her scene.

Aiden Morgan has two priorities in his life. Dedicating his time to visiting at the Alzheimer’s home that cares for his Grandad, and to his one other love, painting. But things change when he meets a stunningly beautiful older woman.

For the first time in years, a simple friendship excites Natasha. It’s new and fresh and free from the responsibilities that have bound her life. Of course, the sizzling chemistry between her and Aiden helps. Introducing Aiden to the BDSM world she lives in would be a risk, but one she can’t pass up.


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“The flogger it is.” I smile up at the ceiling as I start to plan the scene in my mind. Sarah and I had discussed the rest of the parameters of our time together. I just need to choreograph the scene fully in my mind.

“I’m looking forward to it, Miss Natasha.”

I had offered to do a flogging scene later tonight. I hadn’t played at Solace properly in weeks, and I needed to get my head in the right place. Sarah had been one of my play partners for over a year. I knew precisely how to fulfil her needs, and the flogging scene would help settle my restlessness.  

I sit up and cast my eyes over Sarah. She kneels at the foot of the bed, patiently waiting. It’s times like this when my mind takes a trip to fantasy land where I’m settled into a relationship with one partner, who is comfortable kneeling and taking my command. My finger traces the silhouette of her body in the air. I keep the contented hum to myself and go and grab my leather skirt and lace shirt.  

Minutes later, Sarah still fidgets on the floor. In the past, she’d not move a muscle unless I commanded. But a part of Sarah has been pushing for more from our interactions. The balance isn’t there anymore. She needs more from me than I’m prepared to give. I gently pull the tie of her blindfold and watch as her eyes adjust to the low lighting in the room. “Welcome back.”

“Thank you.”

“We have an hour until I need to do the demonstration. Go and grab a drink, and I’ll wait for you at the stage.” I run my hand down her arm and squeeze her hand. Our scene will be far more intense later, and she’ll have all my attention.   

“Can I get you anything?”

“A bottle of water, please.”

“Okay.” She beams at me and rises from her position. “Perhaps we can go back to my place after Solace?” She turns to ask before leaving the room.

“I don’t think that would be a good choice. I’ve explained this before, Sarah. I’m happy to be your partner here, but here alone.”

She nods and walks out.

Her proposition leaves me questioning the rest of the evening and if I should use her for the demonstration at all. I take a few minutes to freshen up in the bathroom. I fasten my boots, even though I’ll never be able to wear them for the full scene. I check my bag and make sure my favourite flogger rests in its place, nestled between its leather and deer skin companions. The suede works best for Sarah and allows me to give her just enough sting to keep her pulse up and endorphins high. I want to make her skin sing.

I leave the room and lock it. The staff knows it needs servicing, and I head to the stage. I’ve already instructed Paul to move a padded spanking bench to the centre so I can tether Sarah. She enjoys being restrained, and when I tie her to the bench it adds to the feelings I want to build. Not able to move or escape, she will completely surrender to my control.

I go over the scene in my head, layer by layer of sensation until it’s fully formed. The noise and activity surrounding me fade into the background, and I let it drift away.

I pull my boots off and ensure everything is in position. The spanking bench is the only furniture on the stage. Sarah will face the back of the stage letting the audience see exactly what I’m doing to her most vulnerable area. She’ll enjoy the flogging, but I’m not sure she realises that this will be a test of her endurance and discipline as well. Of course, as her Dominant, it’s my job to keep her on her toes.

Movement draws my gaze. Sarah sets herself into a kneeling position at the edge of the raised platform. Her head is bowed, her back straight with her palms facing up. She’s waiting for my next instruction. Patiently, like a good, well-trained submissive.  

I leave her to wait, running through the scene in my head and settling my heartbeat. I’ve done countless demonstrations and watched hundreds of scenes, but the familiar thrill and excitement is still the same. Power and responsibility hums in my veins as I circle the bench once more and check the items in my bag, off to my left, before going over to greet Sarah.

“Are you ready?” I rest my palm on the top of Sarah’s head, making her aware I am standing over her.

“Yes, Miss Natasha.”

“You’re still wearing clothes, so you’re not ready. Strip. Fold your clothes and leave them neatly where you kneel and then position yourself on the bench.”

Sarah jumps up and begins removing the scraps of fabric she describes as clothing. Once she’s folded the garments in a tidy pile, she pads across the stage and climbs onto the bench. Side rests support each knee, and she drapes her torso across the wide centre top. She shifts for a moment, getting comfortable before she settles her elbows on the remaining rests. The bench is more like a school vaulting horse than a bench. It’s higher than some of the other items we have around the floor, but this gives me the perfect height to wield the flogger at Sarah. The bench splits her thighs, giving me clear access to her bare pussy so I can see her physical response as well as the audible one I know she’ll give.

I wait until I see the dip in Sarah’s back, telling me she’s completely relaxed into her position. Sarah isn’t an exhibitionist, although I’ve used her for demonstrations in the past. I know her boundaries, and she doesn’t possess any triggers that would cause me worry for this scene.

My aim tonight is a flogging demonstration. I tune out the rumblings of people gathering and focus on my job. I want to show how multiple stimuli can work together and increase both the pleasure and pain for the submissive. My lips curve into a smile.