Contemporary Erotic Romance/ 89,000 words

Evermore (Book 2)

What if you had everything you wanted within your grasp, but let it go?

Isabel Fields stands on the brink of a new life. She has the Dominant/submissive relationship she craves with the man she loves, but her past continues to haunt her.

With Isabel, Sebastian York can release the sexual Dominant he’d always tempered. He doesn’t intend to let her go, even when she bolts in panic. Together, both could experience the freedom to explore their relationship and sides of themselves previously stifled.

Their love is tested when issues of trust rising from Izzy’s past marriage and her damaged heart take their toll. They may have fallen in love, but that doesn’t guarantee it will be forever more.

Izzy and Seb have two choices: grow stronger together or be pulled apart by the past.

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I sit on the bed I ought to share with my husband, in my room, in my house, but this isn’t my home. Even after ten years. A home is made up of more than a place to reside and a few belongings. A home is full of love, warmth and memories that bring a smile to your face, even when you feel lost or scared.

It’s dark outside but it must be close to dawn. I’ve sat for hours, motionless, purposely blanking my mind. I can cope with sitting. I’m the first to overanalyse everything, to over-think and replay everything in a loop in my mind, but I can’t bear to replay the memories of what happened last night. It’s as if my mind begins to shut off when I edge closer, thinking about Seb’s words. “Izzy, I can’t deal with you still being with your husband. I don’t want you if you keep going back to him. I deserve better. I deserve more.” 
My body is on autopilot as I walk downstairs. I survey all of the rooms and belongings: the DVDs, the mismatch of tea cups lining a shelf in the kitchen. I look at it all, and I’m struck that these aren’t our things. They are my things—my random mix of bowls and plates, my pictures on the walls, my table in the living room, my cushions. I hadn’t seen it before, but this house in Bath isn’t our home. It’s my house that I’ve worked at turning into a home, but it’s neglected by Phil.

I continue through the entire house. I can count Phil’s possessions on one hand. Only a pair of trainers in the hall and a few dirty shirts in the laundry show he’s still living here. It would be so easy to take everything of Phil’s and pack it up. How can I stay here, though? I don’t want to be here. This isn’t where my heart is. I want to be with Seb. I take a deep breath and fill my chest. My scream echoes around the empty rooms, filling the air with grief and sadness. 

My lungs drain of air and give voice to everything I’m afraid to admit to. My marriage to Phil is over. I’ve ruined my relationship with Seb. I’m scared. Three pivotal facts that are at the root of the emotions that have worn me down and made it hard to think straight. My world has changed over the last few months. My perspective has tilted—changed for the better—thanks to Seb. Finally speaking up for myself in my empty marriage was the starting point. Asking Phil for more than unsatisfactory vanilla sex only drove more distance between us. Having an innocent drink just to escape my empty house also led me to Seb. I never intended to meet a man who could give me everything I dreamt of—the love and attention I’d been starved of for years, the freedom to surrender and explore my sexuality and my darker fantasies, previously locked away in my online world. But I did meet him and he opened my eyes to just how miserable my life was before. I was a coward for not confronting Phil sooner. Now, I might have lost Seb because I wasn’t brave enough to face Phil, to demand that he listen to me instead of letting him walk all over me. I should have grabbed my chance at happiness with both hands.