Contemporary Erotic Romance/71,000 Words

Hot Alpha Billionaire (Book 1)

How does a sophisticated man with everything, convince an unassuming older woman with nothing, that she’s what he desperately needs?

Successful, sophisticated, 36 year old, Chase Tanner is a Dom who has everything…except love. When he meets the woman of his dreams—a submissive beauty who’d rather be alone than with the wrong man—Chase knows convincing her that he’s the “right” one, won’t be easy. It’s the courtship of his life—and he’ll have to put his life on the line to protect her.

“You’re just not good enough, Kali.” Her ex-husband’s hurtful words echoed in Kali Benson’s memory as she moved to small-town Washington State to rebuild her life. It hasn’t been easy, but finally at 39, she’s happy, self-sufficient, and emotionally armored. But her strength and resolve are tested when a sweet-talking hunk who drives an old Dodge truck comes to town and makes her feel nineteen again.

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She didn’t want to be curious about Chase. She didn’t want to get that personal with him. But she couldn’t help wondering why this sophisticated, drop-dead gorgeous man had chosen to work in a backwoods little town. She shouldn’t ask.
“You haven’t been in Laketon very long,” she observed instead.
“I would have noticed you.”
“Thank you, I’m encouraged.”
“Oh please, look at those coeds over in the corner booth, they’re salivating.”
“What coeds?” he asked, deadpan smooth. 
She raised her brow, skeptically. 
He shrugged. “Maybe they’re hungry.”
“For you.” 
“I’m here with you, Kali.” No hard sell, just fact.
God, she could almost believe he would be worth it. She closed her eyes so his sexy face didn’t distract her and then brought up another salient point. “You’ve been to this restaurant before. The cook came trotting out the minute we sat down, wreathed in smiles, personally asking what he could make you. He knew you wanted avocado on your Spanish omelet. I’ve been here dozens of times, but he didn’t notice me until your introduction. Now, I’m on his top ten list.” Chase had even walked back to the kitchen to talk privately with the man for a few minutes, but she didn’t ask any questions. “My point is, I think you’re much more than a handyman.”
“Is there something wrong with a man who’s handy?”
“No, of course not, but you know what I mean. Jenna said that Brian usually interviews a person a bit longer before he hires them.”
“Kali, I know Brian. And I don’t think that Chip, our cook, was actually wreathed in smiles.”
“He showed his teeth, which could be construed as a smile. Something Jenna once confided she has never seen him do—and she worked here for a week filling in for the dishwasher.”
“So, you’re curious about me?”
“I’ll admit to curious, yes.”
“And interested.”
“Curious, interested, and aroused, but you’re resisting. Why?”
Feeling out of her depth, she pulled her hands off the table and started fidgeting with her sweater on the seat. He was just too much, too fast. “Mr. Elliot, please.” 
“Chase, please.”
“I like that.” His boot nudged her foot caressingly under the table. “Fight me then. It’s okay.” The words were gentle.
She met his eyes. “Because you’ll win?”
“Because you’ll want me to.”
“Why would I?”
“I’ll give you your passion.”
He’d known her less than a day. “How can you be so sure?” 
He leaned forward with his forearms on the table and said with quiet certainty, “Before I take you to bed, you’ll understand what I can give you and what I’ll expect you to give me.” 
She let the “expect” stuff go and wondered instead if this man realized how desirable he was. “What could I possibly do, or give you, that a hundred much younger and prettier females couldn’t?”
“Prettier, I doubt, at least not to me. And age isn’t relevant…or is it?”
“I should go home.” She pulled her sweater onto her lap.
“Ah, so that’s the problem.”
“Yes.” Without conceit, she appreciated that on good days she might pass for his age, but he likely knew she wasn’t.
“Am I too old or too young?” 
Her heart melted a little. He owned the age difference and never even intimated he was younger than her. Chivalry was alive and well in this man.
“I don’t know how old you are.” She didn’t ask, and he didn’t offer. 
He sat back, lifting one hip a little, so that he could pull a slim, leather wallet from his back pocket. Digging out a couple of bills, he dropped them on the table, then slid out of the booth and came to her side.
He reached for her hand and tugged her gently up to her feet, next to him. When she started fumbling with her sweater again, he slipped it around her shoulders and lifted her hair from underneath. His intuitive courtesy made her feel cherished and special. 
After handing her the canvas tote she’d almost forgotten, he pressed a warm hand to the small of her back and guided her outside to his truck. “I’ll take you home. We have some things to talk about.”
“Chase, I think we’ve talked enough—” She shut her mouth before she said anything more that sounded like a proposition. 
His eyes sparkled with amusement, but he opened the passenger door of his truck without commenting and waited for her to get in. In fact, he remained quiet the first ten minutes of the twenty-minute drive back to her house. She studied him covertly while he focused on the road. 
One arm was propped in the open window and the wind tousled his longish blond hair. Without taking his eyes from the windshield, his voice caressed her, “When we get back I’m going to kiss you.” 
“You are?” She didn’t want that, did she? Kali frowned out the window.
Chase saw it. He checked the rearview mirror, slowed the truck, and then pulled off the road onto the flat gravel shoulder. 
Kali looked around, wary. “What are you doing?”
“Judging by your expression, you’re thinking of reasons not to kiss me. I don’t want to wait for that.” He put on the parking brake.