Paranormal Fiction

Moon Blood (Book One)


The vampire mystery thriller that began with Snow Blood continues with the first blood son series.

Kane de Medici, the first blood son of Brogio, the original vampire, saves Moon, a hybrid wolf pup from certain death. The kindred two are soon immersed in a world of corporate espionage, murder and intrigue and forced to fight for their lives. Escaping capture and torture when human predators discover their vampire nature, they exact deadly revenge.

While Moon Blood Is loyal to Kane, her sire, she is a strong-willed female with a mind of her own. Readers will enjoy the unique perspective of this tale told through her mind’s eye.


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Episode One – Birth

Following Kane de Medici demands stealth. I weave among the midsized shrubs, white cedar hemlock, spruce, and maple trees indigenous to Nova Scotia. Sure-footed steps avoid the rustling of leaves and the crunching of sticks. Sniffing the mild July night air, I catch his spicy scent. I am not naïve. I know his vampire skills sense my presence.

I first opened my eyes to his strong face and that scent two years ago. I love my wolf hybrid brothers and sister, my husky sire, Snow Blood, and my wolf mother, Nova, and our pack. We all live with Brogio and Selene and their family, but I imprinted on Kane, my vampire uncle, when I was born. We have a special bond. When he visits every few months, I stop at nothing to be near him.

His nightly hunt for animal prey to quench his bloodlust takes him to the woods surrounding Brogio’s Wolfville wine estate. I track him on these adventures. Maybe I can protect him if he needs me. Brogio warned Kane of a rabid bear on the loose that the locals have tried to kill. “Be cautious of people in the woods this night,” he admonished Kane who laughed it off. “It is the humans who should be careful.”

Kane is arrogant, intelligent, and handsome. His wit and charm fascinate me, but I fear for him and will be on the lookout for this bear.

I chase after him as he takes down a mountain lion with his lightning speed some distance ahead. I pause to test the surrounding air for danger. Sensing no other predators or immediate prey, I step forward. Pain slices through my right front leg and takes me to one knee. It shoots up like fire through every fiber of my leg, spilling over into my shoulder. I cry out, howling and struggling with the steel-jawed trap, only sawing my cut leg further into the bone. This man-made torture trap is meant for a bear and has bitten into me just above my right knee. Blood gushes and covers the mossy ground. I try to twist and fall over. The agony intensifies. I fight to free myself from this monster, but it only tears into me tighter. The movement spurts more blood, and I feel the bones in my leg and shoulder breaking. Terror runs up my spine and into my brain. My strength wanes, but I cannot stop my howls of agony.

Kane reaches me only seconds after I am caught. Strong hands reach to comfort me. I feel the pressure of the sharp steel teeth in my leg release. He bends to try his healing lick, one of his vampire gifts, on my damaged leg.

“Hold still, Moonlight, I need to stop the bleeding.”

He licks for several moments, and this brings minor relief to my throbbing leg. I moan and whine. I can’t stop shaking. A pool of blood spills around me. I have never been hurt in my whole life, and fear of the unknown consumes me. I want to run.

Kane’s strong hands still me. “You’ve lost too much blood, girl. I’ve got to get you home.” He scoops me into his arms as if I weigh nothing, holds my leg up, and sprints with me in vampire time to the front door of our home. His speed covers his naked body with my blood. As he kicks the door open, my vision blurs, but I can make out Brogio and Selene, holding their small son, Adam, jumping to their feet.

“What happened?” Brogio’s deep voice queries.

Selene sets the small boy in his playpen, rushes to us, leans her beautiful face into mine, and places her hand on my head.

“A bear trap.” Kane sprints into the den and lays me down on my plush bed.

Snow Blood, Nova, and my pack surround me. Selene pushes through with towels to stem the blood flow. My mother tries to lick my face. My sire hovers nearby. My brothers and sisters yap with agitation.

“Can you heal her?” Brogio kneels next to my head.

“Brogio, her leg is almost severed.” Selene points to my mangled leg as she tries to stop the bleeding.

“No, I tried.” Kane shakes his head. “She has lost too much blood. Her struggle to break free made it worse. The leg is irreparable.”

Selene applies pressure to the now-numb wound. “There’s so much blood.” Selene throws one towel aside and applies another.

I feel the world fading away. Only their voices hold me to them.

“It’s my fault. She followed me into the woods. I should have made her stay home,” he choked out his anguish. “I can save her if I turn her as soon as she dies.” Kane’s voice seems far away now.

“Do I have your permission?”

I don’t wait for their agreement. My tongue finds his hand on my head, and I move to lick it. Kane has always linked to me telepathically, as he has all of my pack. I think hard. Yes, make me like you. Let me be with you always.

His hand tightens slightly on my head in response. As my life drains away from me, I hear Brogio and Selene say “yes” in unison.