Paranormal Fiction

Moon Blood (Book Two)

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Two vampires battle against the werewolf nation.

Hybrid wolf “Moon” and her human vampire master, Kane, fight for their lives against a stalking shifter network out to destroy them. Each battle may be their last as vampires and werewolves edge ever closer to war. 

While Kane and Moon work to unravel the looming threat, more and more questions surface. But one thing is for sure; the real motives behind the werewolves’ plot against them include destroying the vampire race.

Only an act of bravery and trust will stop the werewolf species from destroying what Kane and Moon love the most. Vampire teeth flash and wolf claws clash as supernatural beings fight for life, love, and family.

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While we sat watching the crowd at the bar, I noticed a female gazing seductively at my sire from a table across the patio. My hackles rose.

Kane took his glass of wine from the waitress and savored its aroma, twirling it in his hand.

I see her. Kane’s voice slid through my mind.

Two things struck me about the woman. She resembled Selene with black hair and golden-brown eyes. Her voluptuous body exuded sex. Her sensual mouth curved into a smile when her eyes met Kane’s.

Her large-necked sweater slid off one olive-skinned shoulder. A short black leather mini skirt and knee-high black suede boots completed her sultry appearance.

Kane, impeccably attired in a dark-blue Boglioli jacket, blue turtleneck, and Brunello Cucinelli jeans, dusted off his Bruno Magli boots. He picked up his expensive glass of wine and sauntered over to the woman’s table.

I padded over and around to the gate behind her table and growled at her. Sniffing the air, I took in her aroma. She smelled of forest.

Kane sat opposite her, and she glanced over her shoulder at me.

“Your companion does not trust my motives.” She turned and eyed my master.

“What are your motives?” He leaned his handsome face toward hers and gave her a smoldering, unmistakable look.

“Nothing nefarious. You are just the most attractive person here tonight. Can’t a girl dream?” She sipped her wine.

“You can do more than dream.” Kane reached across the table and took her hand. “I am Kane de Medici. What is your name?”

“I know who you are, Kane. Everyone knows the most eligible bachelor in Tuscany.”

“Well, now that we both know my name, perhaps you have one as well?” He smiled, and his dark-brown eyes squinted at the corners slightly.

“Zandra Moretti.”

“Have you lived here for very long, Zandra, or just passing through?” Kane let go of her hand.

“All my life. Tuscan born.”

“How have we never met?” Kane sipped his wine, noticed her glass was empty, and called to the waitress. “Another glass of what I’m having, please.”

“You are gone often. A world traveler, no?”

The waitress brought another glass and set it down in front of Zandra.

She took it and sipped it. “This is one of yours, no?”

“You appear to know more about me than I do about you. Why don’t we rectify that?”

I could hold my silence no longer. Be careful. She isn’t human.

Yes, I know that she isn’t what she pretends to be. If she was sent to trap me in some way, I need to let it play out.

Zandra sniffed the wine, tasted it, and then drained the glass.

“Good wine should be savored, not gulped.” Kane frowned at her.

She reached into her black purse, pulled out a small card, and slid it across the table at him. “I’m late for an appointment. Call me.” She rose from her chair slowly, letting Kane’s eyes feast on every curve. “I’m sure you’ll like me once you get to know me.” She strode away, and Kane’s eyes never left her as she disappeared.

My sharp bark jarred him back to reality.

She’s a shifter, but different than the others. I stood and paced around.

Kane finished his wine and responded. It will be fun discovering just exactly what she is.