Contemporary Erotic Romance

Evermore (Book 4)


Escape. Avoid. Ignore the beautiful red head in the office. That is James Riley’s plan. He moved to Australia for career progression and an opportunity he couldn’t pass up. His lie was so good even he believed it. James wanted to forget his one and only mistake. He wasn’t about to make another relationship misstep falling for the sexy siren.

Ariana Scott thought she wanted a Dom. That choice cost her both blood and tears. A year later, she was still trying to put the pieces of her life back together. Her interest in the sexy British guy was too soon, too fast and because of her job, off limits. But the lure of James Riley was a temptation she can't shake off.

Neither expected their safe vanilla fling to turn serious. But when Ariana’s career, family, and lifestyle are threatened, they are forced to confront their greatest fears—especially when the casual sex they indulge in becomes more than desire.

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