Hers to Captivate

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Hers To Captivate - eBook Cover Original.jpg

Hers to Captivate


Verdantia (Book 5)

68k/ Paranormal Erotic Romance

Recovering from years of sexual slavery and attempting to evade the death relentlessly stalking her on Talleo IV, celebrated neuro-psychologist, Dr. Angelica Giverny, crosses vast reaches of space. Committed to a higher purpose and in repayment to those who rescued her, she makes a new home on isolated, remote Verdantia.

A technical wizard and natural leader of men, Magellan DeLan rose rapidly to the position of captain on the converted star yacht, VNV Revertar. His priority passenger, the lovely, intelligent doctor, attracts him immediately and Mage plans a careful pursuit of the petite beauty when they arrive in port.

Landfall brings the unexpected—Tristan DeHelios, a nobleman whom Mage had worshipped as a young man. Tristan’s hungry appreciation for the now-grown star captain is carved on his elegant features. Tristan blatantly declares his dishonorable intentions, and while Mage yearns to say yes, he doesn't trust his heart to withstand the fallout. This man's rejection had devastated him years before.

For Angelica, Tristan DeHelios, her designated bodyguard, is entirely too enticing. When he pursues her as well as Mage, her emotions seethe and tangle. How can she chose between the honorable and gorgeous starship captain and a rogue whose carnal dominance challenges and provokes her at every turn? The suggestion she could have both upends her world.

When a dark menace tracks Angelica to Verdantia and pursues extraordinary lengths to terminate her life and those around her, the answer may become moot.



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