Contemporary Erotic Romance/61,000 Words

A television dating show? What sensible woman does that?

Desperate times force drastic measures as thirty-two-year-old Sophie Baxter searches for Mr. Right Dom. But for a shy submissive, five weeks on a reality show might be a bad decision. One decision is easy, however: the Dom she chooses won’t be an actor.

Dex Hampton… successful film actor, coveted bachelor, and England’s sexiest export, but for this mysterious, reserved Dominant, fame isn’t a goal. Finding the right submissive is his top priority, and he’ll do anything to get his girl.

Jake Sinclair’s golden good looks and rakish Aussie charm fuel his flourishing acting career. He does his own stunts and tackles life full on. He’s achieved everything he’s ever wanted, except finding the right submissive. When he sees Sophie, nothing will stop him from winning her. Not even the competition of his longtime friend and fellow Dominant, Dex Hampton. As the entire world watches, two movie superstars compete for a beautiful submissive who is ready to yield in all ways but one: she will not have an actor as a Dom.


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Clutching the piece of paper on which she’d written her small speech, she glanced down, squinting at the words. Her hand shook so badly, the page blurred before her eyes. She fought down a wave of nausea, determined not to let her shyness or stage fright ruin this chance, but then the whole room seemed to wobble and spin.

“Oh, hell.” The Brit’s voice broke the quiet, and footsteps clicked across the floor. As her knees gave way, a pair of strong arms swept her up. “I’ve got you.” The muscled chest where her cheek rested vibrated with a sexy rumble. “Take slow, deep breaths. I’m going to set you in a chair. All right?”

“Yes.” At least she thought it’d be all right. The world seemed hazy. She clung to broad shoulders. “I fainted?” “You started to crumble.” He kept holding her.

“Did you catch me?” She glanced around at the faces staring back at her.


“But you’re an actor.” An unlikely hero in real-life.

A chuckle resonated in his chest. “Catching swooning damsels is allowed.”

“I suppose it would be.” Being in his arms made her muzzy again. No wonder this man was so popular. Somewhere behind the cameras, a woman twittered and sighed.

Another pair of strong arms eased her away from the British heartthrob. “Give her up.” This deep voice belonged to the Aussie sexpot. He carried her across the room to an old fashioned sofa and gently set her down. “Can you sit?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Oh, I like that, sweet cheeks.”

She gave him a weak smile and sipped water from the glass someone held out to her. Sweet cheeks. The way he said it was pure admiration, and she appreciated it.

Cameras were all over the place. Shutters clicked and mics listened. A technician hissed, “Man, this will go viral! Keep rolling.”

The two hunky actors stood near her shoulders, and a rush of well-being sluiced over her. She liked the aura of protection with their strong bodies on each side of her. The Aussie crouched down by her knees and picked up one of her cold hands, rubbing it between his warmer ones to get the circulation back. Uh oh, she liked his touch as much as his voice.

This will never do, Soph! There are six other men here—and five of them aren’t actors. Now’s your chance to find the right Dom.

“Thank you.” She gently tugged her hand free. “I’m okay now.” His lips twitched as if he knew he affected her, but he stood and gave her a little breathing room.