Paranormal Mystery Thriller/40,000 Words

Snow Blood (Season 2)

Discover the paranormal romance series of the first vampire as it continues with Season 2!  Not just the usual vampire story… but one filled with twists, turns and suspense and told through the eyes of a kindred dog!

As dark forces close in on Brogio and his beloved children, the end of all vampires could come from a single blow at any moment.

When Kane sacrifices himself to save Snow Blood, the pack believes he is truly lost forever. After the devastating loss, a new ever-present threat of destruction surrounding Brogio, the original vampire, threatens his kindred.

While the pack stands guard watching for predators on the outskirts of Brogio’s winery estate, Snow Blood discovers Selene is keeping secrets from Brogio. This deception and Selene’s rapidly growing strength and independence could create a rift between the father of all vampires and his mate.

Snow Blood again helps hold their love together as he tries to protect them from the approaching evil. At the same time, Snow Blood suspects that Nova, the beautiful female wolf that attracts him in the forest, is part of a sinister plot to destroy his master… but he can’t resist her power over him.

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The fireplace at Brogio’s Wolfville Wine Estate brought me no warmth. Yet, like my master, I sit on my plush dog bed and gaze into it. Vampires do not feel cold or warmth, but the illusion can amplify memories by being near it.

Brogio and Selene’s argument echoed from upstairs. A glass shattered against a door, and Selene’s voice rose against him. “Don’t try to sweet talk me, lover! Face it! You’re a complete control freak!”

If dogs could laugh, I would have ripped a good chuckle. He deserved it. Since he had turned Selene, and made her his wife, he had tried to control her every movement, particularly when and where she went. In an overzealous effort to protect her, he would have preferred she never left the estate without him.

I closed my eyes and thought back to a better time. A time when Brogio defied the gods and made Selene his in body and blood.

It seemed like just yesterday when I found myself hiding in the forest, perversely watching them mate for the first time. Lightning had struck the trees. Splinters assailed my thick coat. Whole branches fell. Tree trunks caught fire. It was when he turned her from human to vampire that the rain began to pelt them, and the wind pushed water sideways, smacking them with the force of a hurricane. Unmovable, Brogio held onto his beloved, defying the gods. He lowered her and encircling her in his arms, threw back his head, his laughter ringing upward into the sky.

Selene’s body shook in spasms as she began to transform. Brogio held her close, shielding her from the punishing wind and rain. But, even in her struggle with the transformation, Selene's voice joined his. "We are free!"

I threw back my head and howled at the moon. My coven of wolves, my progeny, crept out from the trees and joined my celebration of my master's triumph. Seven euphoric howls defied the deafening sounds of the gods and pierced the night in unanimous joy.

Now, the sound of a wooden chair hitting the floor and shattering in Selene’s bedroom above brought me back to reality. She was a handful, that one.

“Selene! Stop fighting me! I just want to talk about it.” Brogio’s deep beautiful voice snapped in frustration.

None of us could have known that Selene, the quiet, silvery goddess of moonlight who came to us in human form, could have transformed into such a spitfire once her transition to vampire was complete.

I glanced around the large den with its high-beamed mahogany ceiling and matching broad-planked floors. The last thing I wanted in this tense moment was for me to get pulled into their heated argument. I surveyed my surroundings, wondering if I should sprint the 50 feet to the front door and into the night with my progeny that slept in a prey-gorged stupor right outside the house.

Too late for an escape. Selene’s bedroom door slammed, and I watched her glide down the spiral stairs. As she descended, the flames in the fireplace swayed as if caught by a hurricane. Two twirling arms spiraled, reaching in her direction. She wiped away a strand of long silver hair that had fallen across her steel blue eyes. Her tall, slender frame shimmered as she stopped next to me, dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around my neck. Her scent of grass after a rainfall combined with a night mist swirled around me. I cherished these moments between us.

I licked her face; licked every angle constructed in perfection. Her presence made the room glow. Light danced around her. Being kindred had not taken the moonlight glow away from her. The love she felt for me shined through her eyes, and I snuggled closer to her. Her presence beside me in Brogio’s ornate den with its opulent Italian rugs, art work and overstuffed chairs gave me comfort.

Our moment next to the fire was short-lived. Brogio strode across the distance of the stairs into the den and towered over us. Unusually tall, he pushed his long blonde hair behind his pale ears and bent down to look into her face. His purple eyes intermittently glowed red as he glared at Selene. “We need to talk about this.”

She shrugged and ran her long nails through the shaggy hair of my back. “There’s nothing more to say. I am tired of you guarding me like a mother hen.”

“Selene,” he sighed in exasperation, “we never know when Apollo or Artemis might return to take their wrath out on us. And we are a bit shorthanded with Kane nowhere to be found…”

“Stop! It’s been a year. I don’t need you to follow me everywhere I go. I feel suffocated.” She leaped to her feet and shoved Brogio so hard that he launched into the air and slammed into the mahogany front door.

The thud against the door woke my progeny sleeping outside. They bolted to their feet and scampered around the front windows, snarling and howling. Scrawny, my feisty second in command, peered through a window next to the door while tall, lanky Joker with his floppy right ear jumped up and down behind him for a better view. Yellow eyes surrounded by black fur stared through the other window near the door, appearing and reappearing. Chase was ready to justify his name. I could feel my large brown wolf position himself in front of the door. Gaspar sat facing outward, forever guarding the pack from outside intruders and unmoved by the commotion inside. Thor, the gray, ran out to the front gates of the estate, howling and looking for a fight, while multi-colored Fergus the wise, laid back down, yawned and returned to his slumber.

Never mind. I shot them a quick command telepathically. They’re just having another one of their spats. The wolves settled down upon receiving my explanation, and the howling ceased.

Brogio lifted an eyebrow, stood up, and straightened his clothes.

Scrawny continued to stare through a front window and snorted at Brogio.

I shot back a warning glance at him. I feared that Scrawny’s criticism of my master might cause yet another explosion. I shouldn’t have worried.

Brogio had already joined Selene in the den. She smiled at him playfully, stood on her tiptoes and wrapped her slender arms around his neck. “That will teach you to forbid me from going into town by myself!”

Wisely, Brogio let his anger go and smiled at her as he wrapped his long arms around her small waist and lifted her into the air. He carried her out of the den and up the steps to the bedroom. I knew where this was going. Their arguments always ended with a mating ritual.