Erotic Romance/8,000 words

Warning this is not for everyone—it involves not so fresh blood

Neush hadn't known she'd be demon bait when she slipped on her jeans this morning. Now, her own family is dragging her, kicking and screaming, to the marble wall and securely fastening her in true medieval sacrifice style. But instead of an animal, Neush knows the man who is demon possessed. She appeals to her friends’ human side for help. Zhiek now has a choice and a passion for blood to slake. But his idea of saving Neush is very... unconventional.

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How do you go from the only available virgin for fifty miles around, to demon bait – in one day? Seriously, this is the 21st century. Yes, I’m in a small village with a history, but you’d think guns leveled the playing field. We don’t have to appease demons. What has been done for generations doesn’t have to be anymore. We can fight back. But no. My own nephew and uncle dragged me by my wrists to the stone altar. How did today get to be my last?

“Scream as loud as you wish, Neush.” Uncle cast a grim smile my way. His right eye was already getting puffy and swollen from the punch I delivered before he clamped down on my wrist. “Despite your blasted right hook, you’re still a brave girl.”

“No, not brave, just the only virgin on hand.” I pulled my arms in, seeing if I could wiggle free but it was no use. My Nephew, Lliel, wrestles bulls for a living, and Uncle Allen chops down trees. With my measly muscles, I wasn’t getting free. But, if I did get free, I was going to rip their family jewels off.

Nephew said nothing to me the entire way. Not that he spoke often, but one kind word might have been nice. We were family. Even a hey Neush, sorry about this would suffice. Hell, I’d welcome a diatribe. Instead, he tossed me against the stone slab so hard I slumped to the ground stunned. 

“Lliel, don’t be coarse.” Uncle squeezed my nephew’s shoulder. “You don’t need to add to her pain.”

I gasped for air. Nothing came in or out my lungs despite my heaves.  I rolled to my side.

“How is sacrificing me benefiting the town?” My words strained through the few short puffs of breath. Everything was numb. I grabbed at the dirt like a handle that would anchor me. 

“Lassie,” Uncle stepped forward and lifted me up. I threw dirt clods in his face. 

“Ahhh!” Uncle kept a hold on my arm while he rubbed grit out of his eyes. 

As I struggled in his grasp Lliel lunged for me. 

I stepped back, and he tripped on my sneaker. His boot on my foot hurt, but when he fell, I heard a pop. Probably not bone, but it had to hurt like a mother. Deserving little cock.  

“I’m the last unmarried woman in this backwards cheese-bum of a town.” I hit Uncle with my fist. I wasn’t a fighter. The black eye I gave Uncle was a lucky strike. Adrenaline can give you wonder woman powers, but only for a short while. After the mile long struggle my high was over. All I had left were weak muscles and a shaking body. Uncle took my blows as if I were a five year old.

He looked like he was going to cry. 

A demon was slaying the town’s livestock. Feeding it a human would satisfy his blood lust. If the town folk didn’t provide a sacrifice, the demon would choose his own. Better for the town’s people to make the choice.

I stopped struggling. 

Uncle crushed me to his chest. A bear hug from this man was its own prison. “Neush, I didn’t make this decision.” 

“But you’re still dragging me here.” I gasp for breath.

“The sacrifice must be human. If it eats all the livestock we’ll all starve. If it doesn’t get a human sacrifice, he’ll choose one all on his own. But this wouldn’t have been the choice I’d made.” 

Uncle still held me. If he didn’t let go soon I’d suffocate. 

“Despite whatever honor you think it is for me to be eaten by a monster I don’t see anyone else volunteering for the job.”

“Each family is vying for themselves. No one wants to give up their wife, their husband, their children,” he paused and looked at Lliel. “Think of the babies not old enough to know the delights of what the world offers. You will save them.” 

“But I’m eighteen! I’m an able-bodied woman. I can bear children. Why am I deemed best for slaughter?”

Uncle pushed me at arm’s length against the cold marble wall used as a sacrificial alter. 

“You are the last unmarried girl here, it’s true. But there are other towns with other unmarried girls.” Uncle’s words hit me like a paddle to the head. He was telling me that while I was a rare commodity, being an unmarried woman, I wasn’t irreplaceable. Gee, now I feel so loved. 

I tried to pull away. “So you’re just going to let me die here.”

Nephew grabbed my free wrist and locked a shackle around it. Seeing the irons were made for meatier victims, I pulled my fist back out and with a scoff, punched Lliel in the face. My nephew grunted but the blow didn’t so much as tweak his neck.  

“I’ve got rope.” Lliel rubbed his face.